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Welcome to headshot master photography! Why do you need a professional headshot photographer? To open doors of opportunities. To promote a brand or image. For actors and models, aspiring or otherwise, the work of a Toronto photographer specializing in headshot photography can spell the difference between a chance at a potential casting and a lost cause. For corporate professionals and entrepreneurs, a Toronto headshot and portrait photographer can provide the best way to present a brand or showcase a business leader’s style, personality, and lifestyle. In real estate photography, for example, it is the face to go with the company name or a real estate agent’s profile. The best real estate photographer can make an agent’s portrait relatable, approachable, and reliable. They can turn portrait photography into something that strikes a balance between personal and business. As a fine art Toronto photographer, I cater to a wide range of photography, from engagement and wedding to glamour and boudoir photography. But I find the most joy as a headshot photographer for the mere fact that my work lies heavily on being able to bring out the best side of a person, coax their personality out and make it reflect on photos. I can easily showcase the most enticing aspect of a building when doing real estate photography, but different people tell a different story each and every time, and it is my job to work on that and present each story in the best light. For a Toronto headshot and portrait photographer, I can say that headshot photography brings out the most satisfaction when pulled off successfully.

In Toronto, where the photography market is saturated with photographers and photography services, finding a headshot photographer is easy. The real challenge is in finding high-quality and first-class headshot photography and portrait photography done by a professional photographer in Toronto who well and truly understand the real purpose behind every headshot, whether for glamour and boudoir photography or real estate photography. I use state-of-the-art equipment to produce high-quality headshot photography and ensure that your headshot will help you take the first step to achieving your goals in whatever field you are pursuing. Actor Headshot Get one foot through a door of opportunity to audition or work with a headshot photography or portrait photography that showcase your best angle. Promote yourself the best way possible with me as the headshot photographer you can rely on. Corporate Headshot Present your brand or business with a professional headshot produced by an excellent headshot photographer in Toronto. I also service the Greater Toronto Area for high-quality corporate and real estate photography. Model Headshot Whether coloured or black and white headshot photography or portrait photography, I can provide you the shots you need to for your tear sheets or comp cards. I can throw in glamour and boudoir photography when needed to help you get that castings and modelling work you are pursuing. I understand the value of professional headshot photography,  which is why, as a skilled Toronto headshot and portrait photographer, I will put your best interest at heart when taking shots and ensure only high-quality headshots make in your portfolio. Contact me today to know more about the affordable packages I offer.

Frequently Asked Questions about  Headshot Photography

How long does a headshot photography session last?
Typically, it takes aup to 30 min. When multiple looks are desired or when mixed with portrait photography and/or glamour and boudoir photography, however, the session can last up to 1 hour

How much does a headshot photography cost?
Visit my Pricing page for more information. Expect competitive rates offered in affordable packages.

 Do you do horizontal or vertical headshots?
Being a skilled headshot photographer in Toronto, I can do both. But what is great with a horizontal format is the amount of real estate I can use to showcase your best angle and look.

Will you direct me during a headshot photography session?
Absolutely. Coaching and directing is expected from an excellent Toronto headshot and portrait photographer and this is part of the job that I love doing best. Follow my direction and well get the best images of you.

What should I wear for headshot photography?
Simple necklines and darker colors give headshots a bit of an edge, but you wardrobe choice will depend on the kind of Toronto headshot photography you need – corporate, model, or actor headshot.Consider a few different looks, but always wear clothing you love because what you feel will show on your photos.

Do you shoot only on weekdays or weekends too?
Yes. My work as a headshot photographer heavily depends on the spot that my clients have scheduled. I highly recommend that you book a spot for weekday or weekend shoots so I can accommodate you even when I’m doing weddings or real estate photography.

Which areas do you service?
I offer a variety of photography services, from headshot photography to real estate photography, in Toronto and the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). But give me a call at: +1 (647) 983 5004 and let see what I can do for headshot and portrait photography in other locations.

What makes a good headshot?
It showcases your absolute best without spilling onto glamour and boudoir photography. Connect with the camera with your eyes and think of something or a question that will help you connect with a person that will be looking at your picture.

Wellcome To Headshot Master Photography

Our Mission, Vision and Values


I’m a professional photographer with years of experience in the industry. The skills and knowledge I have acquired over the years have helped me hone and develop my art, allowing me to handle a variety of photography styles. I can be your wedding photographer, headshot photographer, portrait photographer, and real estate photographer. Using only high-quality, modern equipment and an individual approach to each client, I can deliver the best photos under different circumstances. As a specialist, I constantly improve the level of my work, learning new trends and methods of capturing precious moments so I can meet the demands of the most discerning subjects.


Using only state-of-the-art equipment, coupled with excellent knowledge in headshot photography, I can consistently produce high-quality and powerful headshots for actors, models, and corporate professionals. Perfect for profiles and resumes. As a specialist Toronto headshot and portrait photographer, I produce images that capture a person’s unique personality and showcase it on print. Coaching and directing are part of the headshot photography, portrait photography, and glamour and boudoir photography services I offer. This is my way of making sure you put your best foot forward with just one image you present. Choose from any of the affordable packages available for headshots, portraits, and glamour photography sessions.

Professional & Freindly

Enjoy professional headshots in Toronto handled by a friendly and courteous headshot photographer. It is so much easier to take headshots when a subject feels comfortable and relaxed, which is why I make it a point to give every actor, model, or working professional that comes into my studio for a headshot photography, portrait photography, or glamour and boudoir photography that feeling of security and comfort. Clients are welcome to speak to me before any headshot photography session to help establish a friendly connection. My goal is for you to have fun and showcase your best image on print that will reflect your personality. This will happen if you’re comfortable working with me.

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