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Welcome to Headshot Master
A Leading Toronto Business, Portrait, and Headshot Photography Studio.

“Headshot Master –We Picture-perfect the digital presence of Businesses.”

Toronto Professional Headshot Photographer

Looking for the best headshot photographer in Toronto? Well, you are at the right place!Headshot Master is Toronto’s Prime in Professional Clicks. We offer quality portraiture for business, professional, and personal needs.Our focus is to develop visual content that can help you achieve your business goals. With experience in serving some of the best brands of Toronto, we are equipped to serve your business photography essentials at affordable rates.

Mission Statement

The goal of Headshot Master is to create an everlasting impression through fine art services. My promise is to deliver high-end images that are apt and highly affordable throughout Toronto and GTA. Headshot Master is on a mission of treating all our clients with the highest level of expertise and courtesy.

Headshot Master Vision –The Artist

Headshot Master is one-stop professional photography services for businesses and professionals in Toronto. Lead by adept fine art photographer and editing expert. Edris Devarian –is an elite in business portraits and corporate headshots.
The vision of Headshot Master is to bring all the business photography services under one roof. We cover all your business photography needs through unparalleled sharpness, enhanced ambiance lighting, and natural color rendition. Our highly equipped HDR studio and expert editing team are the best headshot photographers Toronto.

What we do?

Headshot Master is your “one-stop-shop” to get all your business photography and digital storytelling services. We click and enhance your personal branding experience.

Real Estate Photography

Get the key marketing material with HDR real estate photography at your disposal. We create magazine-worthy images of your properties. Upscale your business profile with our exclusive Realtor headshots.

Corporate Headshots

A business profile is nothing short of a resume. What makes Headshot Master standout? We create corporate headshots that leave the right impact on your potential clients, target market, and competitors.

Model Test Shot

Portfolio is the key resource for landing a successful modeling career. Headshot master do model headshots by using seductive narratives and featured styles to display your modeling skills.

Actor Headshots

For actors, it’s important that your headshots perfectly symbolize your looks, features, talent, and personal charisma. We do Toronto’s actor headshot photography by representing the polished version of yours in a professional way. Hire us so that you can confidently go to any audition with your best images.

Equip your business with a powerful visual content strategy to help your social media, corporate events, and digital marketing by visually conserving big moments. We cover product launches, milestone achievements, grand openings, and all of your corporate events to successfully amplify your brand experience.

Boudoir Session

Headshot Master offers Boudoir photo shoots for EVERYBODY! We create beautiful images celebrating the femininity in every shape. Whether you’re looking for a gift for yourself or your spouse, a luscious Boudoir photo shoot in Toronto is something you’ll cherish forever.



We are amongst the most elite corporate photographers in Toronto. Having worked with the public sector, private businesses, corporate brands, organizations, and charities, we provide exclusive services that go beyond expectations.


Headshot Master is comprised of expert photographers and high-end photo editors. Having years of experience with the progressive understanding of digital platforms, adept photography trends and techniques. We are here to satisfy every unique digital necessity


Headshot Master works one-on-one with clients to discover, create, and understand your specific needs. We do our course with you to identify the best shots so that you can reap maximum benefits of your visual statement strategy.


With our end-to-end service, we put the efforts to curate your photos in formats and file sizes to meet all your digital marketing and social media needs. Your success is our motive.

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