5 Things Your Headshot Reveals about You

Professional headshots have become a must in the corporate world today. Be it your professional online profile, social media website, or any other location that requires your image, the uses are unlimited.

For many, the term headshot is often misunderstood. It’s not just any other image. It’s an identity that you showcase of yourself to the professional world. This is one of the many reasons why the process of taking a headshot is termed a delicate one.

You may not realize, but a headshot carries great significance. As a business leader or company head, you are your business’s face. You need to ensure people recognize you and remember you for all the right reasons. And a good headshot is your first step towards a journey of success and beyond.

So what does a headshot say about you? To help you get a better idea, we’ve enlisted the top 5 things we believe your headshot screams about you.

So, What Does Your Headshot Say about You?

You Take Direction Well

A headshot is your real life impression that you leave on film. Photographers can be compared to directors in this aspect. A photographer works to bring their vision of you to life. In case you’re stubborn, consider yourself as a know it all or don’t like to be directed, it will definitely reflect in your headshot.

That’s why it’s also necessary to work with a photographer who you think can bring out the best in you. A great headshot will reveal to the world that you are adaptable and confident about your look. You’re easy going when it comes to being directed and comprehend direction very well indeed.

Your Personality Extends for Miles

Let’s face it. No matter what profession you may belong to, seeming dull, boring and uninterested isn’t going to get you anywhere in life, let alone a job. A good headshot should scream your personality from miles away. This gives potential hirers a true sense of your persona and who you actually are.

Whether you’re funny, serious, and confident or laidback, your character traits are all showcased in your shots. In other words, your presence in real life resembles the presence in the headshot.

You have Great Contacts

There may be several photographers in the business, but only few are renowned for specializing in headshots. Those few are the crème de la crème around town and if you’ve got your headshot clicks from them, you’ve got the right type of contacts.

This is especially true for Toronto where it’s rare to find headshot specialist photographers. The reason being simply, they’re the best at what they do and so their services are exclusive.

You didn’t find these people by searching on Google or Yahoo. You have your way around networking and that’s what people see. You’re interacting with the right type of people and have done your homework when it comes to researching amongst the locality you live in.

You mean Business

A headshot is no joke. It’s an investment you make in life, time after time, for professional purposes of course. Headshots do not depict the fact you have loads of money and are ready to flaunt the cash. They instead say, “Hey there, I’m serious about work. I value time and have no intention of going on to waste yours or mine.”

A standard set of high quality headshots depict the fact you’re willing to work hard. You realize there are no shortcuts in life and neither is there any easy route to success.

There are certain things in life that are worth that extra penny. It may be your wedding gown, fresh organic food, good quality toilet roll and of course, add your headshots to the list too. It’s like a present you gift yourself that carries on giving you something in the long run.

So learn to save for the right time and hire the best photographer in town because a quality headshot can speak wonders about one’s self.

You’re Suitable for the Job

Photography can really do wonders when it comes to your appearance. Since a headshot focuses on what’s above your shoulders, it can make you appear younger or more versatile.

Looks always have and always will play a major determinant in your consideration for a particular profession or designated role. And that’s why agencies around the world look at headshots as a guide of your suitability for the job.

You should always have an array of various kinds of headshots available. Every profession has its own distinct requirements and you never know at what point in time you might need a particular look. For example, some younger and livelier shots may be more suitable for the position of a model or actor. A more mature, confident and professional headshot would suit the position for a job interview at a renowned organization.

A great tip to remember is to carry a variety of outfits to your headshot photographer’s studio. The more looks you give the photographer to play with, the superior the outcome will be.

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