Not Just a Photo! A Realtor Headshot is Your Foremost Personal Branding Strategy

A headshot isn’t your everyday image. It’s your entry into the professional world. A world where your existence is determined by comparisons made amongst rivals. Your headshot is the face of your personal brand.

For this reason and many more, your headshot needs to send the right type of message about who you are as an individual and the identity you wish to prove to the world. It should be vibrant, professional and applicable to the type of business you’re representing. It is truly a part of your overall branding.

Your marketing skills can only prove to be successful when your potential image is prescribed into the minds of clients, no matter what designated position you hold.

At the end of the day, ask yourself these questions. Does your headshot coordinate with your long term business strategy and goals? How do you wish to appear in the eyes of the world? What impression do you want to leave when a viewer glances at your headshot?

To help you understand the significance of a headshot in terms of personal branding, we’ve discussed some important pointers related to the topic. Let’s take a look.

Headshots are a Small but Significant Part of Your Personal Branding

With social media websites on the rise, clients are bound to finding you on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. It’s all about networking in the corporate world and for this reason; clients need to know where you come from, who you really are, how you can help them and most importantly, how you appear to them.

Your Face is Your Identity

There’s no arguing that your face is the front cover of your business. It speaks immensely about you as an individual. Be it your current clients or potential ones to come, everyone wants a glimpse of who they’re about to interact with. By no means would you leave a positive impression if your headshot wasn’t on the front page of your website, ready to welcome clients into your world.

Say Hello to Fresh and Real Headshots, while You Wave your Goodbyes to Selfies

No matter how popular the phenomenon, it’s not always about selfies. Personal branding is a simple task by no means where selfies are out the window and authenticity is key.

Putting yourself out there for the world is difficult. Maybe that’s why the majority of us find pasting our photos on home pages daunting. What a great many of individuals fail to realize is how one’s image can impact one’s brand.

Choosing the right photographer is a crucial step towards a journey leading to headshot success and ultimately your personal branding. You’ll begin by being guided on how to pose, what to wear and how to showcase your true self in front of the lens. These shots will depict who you are and why you should be proud of yourself.

The photographer’s professionalism will act as your guide towards not only mastering headshot photography but will also serve you the true definition of personal branding.

The Perfect Headshot Makes all the Difference

We’ve gone through the role headshots play in your personal branding. Now how to deliver a headshot that’s applicable to your business and target audience is the real question.

A Smile can Work Wonders

You not only want to look great in your headshot, you want people to view you as a trustworthy individual, someone worth relying on. A smile can really do wonders in this aspect. You’ll look vibrant, fresh and interesting too. Happier people are generally viewed as being competent, full of life and reliable.

Your Style is your Key to Success

Once you know who your target audience is, think of possible combinations that you would end up wearing to a potential client meeting.  Formal is undoubtedly the call of the day, but formal has its kinds. Your locality plays an important role on what type of dressing you should be considering too.

Power Poses are the Call of the Day

As your brand’s identity, there’s nothing better than a confident and competent individual. We’re not all naturally born with confidence but some great power poses can work wonders.

Power pose are a fabulous method through which you can trick your brain into sheer confidence. Learn to position your body in natural manner such as by crossing your arms, putting hands on the hips or simple raise your arms above your head. The more enhanced your confidence level is, the more improved the picture you’ll get.

Trust Your Photographer every Step of the Way

A photographer is a professional for a reason. They can work with you to bring out your inner essence and true potential without you noticing. Be faithful in their advice and communicate every step of the way. Voice your opinion on what you think is right but don’t be afraid to trust their advice. After all, they have been doing it for years.

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