Is paying for a corporate photo session a good investment or just a waste?

By August 19, 2017Uncategorized

Business headshot photos were common back then, and they continue to be up to this day. It’s a photo that not only says a lot about the person but also about the business.

A headshot isn’t just for internal company purposes. It’s an image that will be used on the company website and for press releases. And given that customers are more likely to search about the business and its executives on social media, it’s more important than ever to put up a professional-looking profile photo to send the right message about you and the company.

So yes, paying for a corporate photo session is a good investment. And there are other reasons that make it as such:

  • It helps people recognize you when they see you

You meet a lot of people in business, be it fellow executives or potential clients. It’s important for them to visualize the person they are about to meet for the first time. And one of the way to let them know how you look like is through your business headshot.

Now, people change as the days, months, and years go by. Still putting up a photo from three years ago on your website or social media pages isn’t presenting an accurate version of who you are today.

Suppose you lost a few pounds or grew more than a few grey hairs in the past year. If the photo a potential client sees of you is an old one from years ago, how are they supposed to recognize you?

As you can see, business headshots should be an investment and they should be changed often, especially when it involves massive changes. And hiring a competent headshot photographer in Toronto is equally as important.

  • It makes it easier when the media asks for photos

It’s a normal part of business life to conduct interviews with magazines. And sometimes, they will ask for your headshot. So rather than scramble around to find one or hastily take one with a smartphone camera, why not have a selection to choose from that was shot by a corporate photographer Toronto?

Besides, isn’t it better to present a better version of you rather than some photo grab that was taken after a simple search on Google?

  • It helps better match your brand

Let’s say you are the founder of a company that specializes in outdoor gear and equipment. You have profiles across social media that always promote your love of the outdoors. Would it be better for you to pose in an outdoor setting or sit in a studio wearing a suit?

You would most likely go for the former, but with the help of a corporate photographer Toronto, you can still shoot indoors sans the suit and still be on brand.

Paying a headshot photographer in Toronto for a photo session is not a waste of time or resources. Doing so allows you to gather different shots which you can use across different platforms, be it the corporate website, social media pages, or the local paper.



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