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An Ultimate guide for the Best Headshot Session

Professional Headshots in Toronto and GTA (Greater Toronto Area)
We at Headshot Master are specialists when it comes to business portraits and headshots. You can use these portraits for various social media websites as well as your LinkedIn profile picture, online database, marketing campaign, business website, residency application or career portfolio.
The possibility of creating an impactful impression amongst business professionals today has never been more important. By entrusting to us, we can work closely with you and your business. It’s the ultimate way of giving you the leading edge in today’s competitive landscape.
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Preparing for a Headshot

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Let’s start with the basics. It’s always a good idea to be ready in advance, especially when it comes to your headshot shoot. Our aim at Headshot Master is to get you a desirable image. And that image represents you well.
Stand in front of the mirror at home and do a dress rehearsal. Experiment with your style and expressions to see what looks best. Every look should reflect who you are as an individual.
It’s important for you to rest before your shoot. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. What you feel on the inside will always reflect on the outside. Don’t forget to arrive early or on time. The last thing you would want is rushing or panicking before a photo shoot.
In case you’re not using a makeup artist or stylist, make sure your hair, makeup, and clothes are absolutely ready when you arrive.

Get the Best Headshots in Toronto with Our No-Fail Guide

Headshot tips worth remembering

In case you’ve never had a headshot taken before, these are some great pointers worth considering.
Know your company’s guidelines for photography. The companies in Toronto have certain requirements or specifications when it comes to photography. Being aware of these from the start can really make yours and the photographer’s life easier.
This, in particular, includes, background requirements and dress codes. Before you begin your headshot shoot, make sure your attire represents the dress code. Always re-evaluate yourself as the slightest error can cost you in the long run. This includes retaking your headshot photo due to you not meeting the vital specifications.
Have a clear image of what you want from the start. As a Headshot Master, we want to make sure you get everything you desire. We believe the best way of doing so is by communicating to us what your expectations may be. This way, we can work as a team to get that perfect headshot clicks.
We’ve done numerous amounts of headshots. Let us know if you want the mood to be fun and spontaneous or whether it’s the drop-dead serious look you’re aiming for.
Take a look at other headshots for inspiration. We do our level best at making every headshot look incredible. The more attentive to detail you are about your requirements; the better we will be at doing our job.

Take a closer look at other headshots taken for ideas. Who knows, you might get the right type of inspiration regarding your image. What matters most is that you get to look exactly the way you want to.
Always mention to your photographer about the usage of the photo. Every photo serves a different purpose. A headshot for your LinkedIn profile is different from one that you’d use for a business campaign. By informing us about the usage, we can work towards creating a better headshot for you.
Think about what you wish to achieve from your photo. This can be a little tricky sometimes. A good way of doing so is by thinking about what type of message a stranger would get by looking at your headshot. Are you aiming for an original look or do you want to keep it professional? Come to think of it, a lot of thought should be put into the first impression you wish to create.
Don’t forget to have fun. Yes, we know these photos are solely for work purposes. Our aim is to make you look great. What’s also important is to treat yourself along the process and relax.  We as a team are here to make you get an amazing headshot. So take it easy and enjoy your shoot.

What should you wear for your headshots?

General clothing guidelines

The aim with every headshot is to create a lasting impression of yours. This image should make you appear confident with great emphasis on the face and eye region.
Go for Comfortable ones to look great. None the less, choosing what to wear for your best headshot photography session is so important for several reasons. The most significant of them all is that it creates an impact on the way the image turns out. Your clothing should be attractive to look at and comfortable to wear.
Your Personal Style is the best. Don’t get too caught up in following fashion trends. Because along the process, you’ll forget to realize what actually looks good on you. You’re bound to end up with a style disaster and an ordinary amateur image.
When you make a poor clothing decision, it can distract the viewer from your face. This leads to a negative impression on the overall effectiveness of the headshot. That is why you must think twice before making a clothing selection. Don’t forget to talk about your outfit choice with the photographer for better input.

Keep it simple.
Always aim to look fresh and professional for a headshot session. Avoid clothing that is too bright, wrinkly or bulky as it sets an unprofessional tone. Most companies require you to achieve that classic style approach as it’s suitable for all professions.
Choose the right color for your skin tone. When it comes to choosing a color, avoid wearing anything that detract
s the viewer from your face. That means saying no to fabric with patterns such as floral designs, checkers, dots, or stripes. There’s just too much going on with these patterns.
Choose darker tones over lighter ones as they tend to put greater emphasis on your smile and eye region. You also don’t want to appear dull in the photo so it’s best to select tones that match your skin color.
It’s good to experiment with tones that help to bring out the color in your eyes. Blue and grey tones complement blue eyes while earthy tones complement brown and green eyes beautifully.

What not to worry about? If there’s one important piece of clothing to worry about, it’s your top. It can include a shirt, dress or blouse. The rest is least likely to be visible in the headshot picture. A headshot focuses on the top half of the body. It works to highlight your face and eyes. In case you are on a budget, it’s wise to spend on your top rather than on pants.
When it comes to shoes, your preference should be more towards comfort instead of style. This is especially important for shooting at a location where you’ll be doing a lot of moving around.
Fittings do matter. It’s a wise decision to ensure your clothing fits well, is comfortable and makes you look great.  You should avoid overdressing at all costs. Be mindful of logos and branding too.
A classic and simple shirt, dress or blouse in a solid color is your best bet for clothing.  In case you’re trying to achieve that professional look, you can opt for a suit or a jacket.
Bring more options for that matter. If you require multiple headshot looks or want to experiment with your style, bring a variety of clothing and change at the studio. You can also keep in mind certain details that make a positive impact on your image. This can include ties, belts, and layers amongst many others. You can change the appearance of your face by the type of neckline you wear. Bring with you an array of different shirts or blouses and see what works for you on that day. Shirts like turtlenecks crowd the face so avoiding it will be a better option.
In case you wear glasses and don’t want the reflections to show up in the picture, use anti-reflective eyewear for best results.
Moreover, the headshot’s focus is you, not your clothes. So, the best practice is that your clothing preference should accentuate you.

Hair and makeup guidelines

Another important aspect of looking fabulous in your headshot is your hair and makeup. Makeup should be as light, clean and natural as possible. You can help remove shine from the face by using translucent powder.
To avoid any allergic reactions on the day of your headshot session, do not use any new hair or skin product right before or a few days before the shoot. The camera is capable of catching everything, so don’t forget to follow skincare routine at least month before your shoot.
When it comes to hair, it’s always a good idea to show up for a headshot session looking well groomed. Neatly tie, comb or style your hair. The color, texture, and hairstyle should suit the cut of your face. A visit to a nearby salon or image consultant before the photo shoot is advisa

What does the Headshot Process Entail? The Headshot Master’s Process

As a headshot master, we believe it’s necessary for our clients to envision what the headshot process entails. This gives them the chance to step into our world of best headshot photography and also gives them an idea of what to expect along the way.

Step 1: Appointment scheduling

All clients can contact us by either phone or email. We would love to serve you at a time that is most convenient and hence provide an appointment accordingly. After you decide the details of your shoot, you will have to pay a 50% deposit of your fees. We will send you a message about your set appointment.

Step 2: Preparation for the shoot
On the day of the session, don’t forget to arrive on time. Being late adds unnecessary anxiety. Put up a positive attitude with a smile. We will do everything to make sure your nerves are calm and your experience of shooting with us is a pleasant one.

Step 3: Test Shots
Once you arrive, we will begin taking test shots in a variety of backgrounds. We will then select the one that makes your image stand out best. Our preference for taking test shots is to help you feel at ease. It’s a great way to get you comfortable in front of the camera and set up.

Step 4: Take photos
As a professional headshot photographer, I believe it takes a number of shots in several different positions to get the most flattering look. I love to see clients experiment with different outfits and styles. During the shoot, I’ll take breaks and review the results we receive so far. Your likes and dislikes are what matter most and so we will note them down. With a few adjustments, we’ll be able to get the best headshot of them all.

Step 5: Photo review and selection
When the session concludes, we’ll review the images together. We’ll electronically deliver all the headshots for your review. Subsequently, once you went through them and pick out your favorites, they will get a touch of editing and then sent off to you.

Toronto Corporate Headshot


Step 6: The final product within 48 hours
Our mission at Headshot Master is to ensure the finest quality of images and great customer service. We also strive to ensure you get the final product in a timely manner. Once you select the final images, you can be sure of their delivery within 48 hours.
Having a great headshot is so important in today’s personal branding times. With this tool, you can advance ahead in your career and get the type of jobs you want. It’s all about being able to create a professional portfolio of photos that you can utilize in a number of different situations.
At Headshot Master, our aim is to photograph individuals in a manner worth remembering. Enjoy your next best Headshot  session with us. Relish your professional images as a keepsake or create connections with your headshot portfolio. Contact us for an instant appointment.