Headshot Photographer Toronto: Frequently Asked Questions


Where do you shoot?

As a professional headshot photographer in Toronto, I’m also great at heading off to the location of your choice. This helps to make your experience a more convenient one. This includes location shoots for corporate individuals. I bring with me my complete set of lighting and backdrop at no additional expense.


What areas do you cover more frequently?

My studio location is vaughan ontario, however, I work all around the city at different locations. This includes, in particular, the areas of Richmond Hill, North York, and Toronto. I like to make use of natural light and that’s what you’ll find at my studio in Toronto.


Do you shoot group photos in your studio?

My studio is large enough to accommodate a lot of people at once. This location is ideal for getting that corporate individual portrait, family session shot, and customized headshots for your shoot as an actor or a profile picture at LinkedIn.


How many shots are included and how long is a session?

I believe that good results are never counted or fixed in number. Being a professional headshot photographer, I know that there a certain number of shots required to get that perfect one. This is the reason I do not like fixing the number of shots taken per session. I work until the client is satisfied with the results as that is what matters the most.

The number of shots taken and the hours spent per session can vary from one individual to the next. I like to interact with clients during the shoot and show the results as we proceed. This gives them a clear idea of how they’re photo shoot is coming along.

What type of lighting do you prefer to use?

At Headshot Master Toronto, I mostly like to make use of natural light at the studio. This window light is mostly soft in nature. It also works great for all skin types. If personally required or requested by my client, I then make use of strobe light. I like to work towards achieving a soft yet subtle texture on the skin. For on-location shoots such as corporate events, I bring my own lighting and backdrop. This comes at no additional expense but does require 30 to 40 minutes of set up. For the best shots, I advise clients to choose a room that is large in size with the highest ceilings. This does wonder in terms of getting those amazing results.

Do you offer a new hire program?

Yes, we do. This offer is valid for corporate clients who want business portrait photography services can book a Team Portfolio Session Event. The discounted rate will be available from the date of booking and will remain so even if other package rates increase overtime.

What is your availability?

I work hard at doing my best to accommodate your availability. I advise clients to book one week in advance to ensure a convenient date and time is available.

What is the copyright and limitations of use for the photos?

As your headshot photographer, I own the copyright for the photos. With that being said, I do offer rights for the full usage of non-commercial photographs at no extra costs or limitations.

How do I contact you?

We love serving all of you with our professional headshot photography services Toronto. Feel free to leave a call, text message or email. In case I miss a call, don’t forget to leave a text so I can get back ASAP. You can also book an appointment from our Book now page.

How long does a headshot photography session last?

Typically, it takes a minimum of 60 minutes. When multiple looks are desired or when mixed with portrait photography and/or glamour and boudoir photography, however, the session can last 2 to 3 hours.

How much does a headshot photography cost?

Visit my pricing page for more information. Expect competitive rates offered in affordable packages.

Do you do horizontal or vertical headshots?

Being a skilled headshot photographer in Toronto, I can do both. But what is great with a horizontal format is the amount of real estate I can use to showcase your best angle and look.

Will you direct me through a headshot photography session?

Absolutely. Coaching and directing is expected from an excellent Toronto headshot and portrait photographer and this is part of the job that I love doing best. Follow my direction and we’ll get the best images of you.

What should I wear for headshot photography?

Simple necklines and darker colors give headshots a bit of an edge, but you wardrobe choice will depend on the kind of Toronto headshot photography you need – corporate, model, or actor headshot. Consider a few different looks, but always wear clothing you love because what you feel will show in your photos.

Do you shoot only on weekdays or weekends too?

Yes. My work as a headshot photographer heavily depends on the spot that my clients have scheduled. I highly recommend that you book a spot for weekday or weekend shoots so I can accommodate you even when I’m doing weddings or real estate photography.

Which areas do you service?

I offer a variety of photography services, from headshot photography to real estate photography, in Toronto and the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). But give me a call and let’s see what I can do for headshot and portrait photography in other locations.

What makes a good headshot?

It showcases your absolute best without spilling onto glamour and boudoir photography. Connect with the camera with your eyes and think of something or a question that will help you connect with a person that will be looking at your picture.