Top Reasons Why Professional Hair and Makeup Is Important For a Business Headshot

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Business headshots are so important in today’s competitive world. And just in case you haven’t guessed it by now, the reasons are plenty. 

Today, the world revolves around the phenomenon that first impressions are truly the last impressions. And in this case, professional hair and makeup is the ultimate call of the day. 

Great aesthetics help you achieve a startling and dynamic presence. And that gives you an edge over others striving to achieve the exact same position. Headshots are like your gateway into the industry of your choice. Therefore, looking the part ensures you’re half way there.

Here are the top reasons why you should emphasize upon professional hair and makeup for your next business headshot. Similarly, as your Toronto headshot photographer, here are some fabulous tips on what you should and shouldn’t do to achieve that flawless appeal. 

6 Reasons Why You should go for Professional Hair and Makeup for an On-point Business Headshot

Getting your look is simpler than ever with these expert tips and tricks

Before we delve into why you should be investing in your professional headshot, it’s pivotal to understand the exact kind of look you should be working towards.

Makeup Dos and Don’ts

When it comes to makeup, understand that your face isn’t a coloring book. You need to do everything possible to match the tone of your makeup to the hues in your wardrobe. 

For instance, cool colors go well against cool wardrobe tones. Likewise, warm colors go well against warm wardrobe tones. When working with a professional, you’ll find them using plenty of pinks and purples with cool tones while corals with gold pair well against the warm side. 

Whatever look you do, understand that less is always more. Avoid dramatic and intense looks as they can kill your overall appeal. By all means, say no to shimmer and glitter. This simply isn’t the right occasion. Remember, you’re trying to enhance your features, not transform them.

Hair Dos and Don’ts

Start off by showing your hair stylist what your normal hair looks like. And that’s because you need your clients to recognize you. A professional will take that everyday look and adjust it for the camera. Similarly, they will eliminate any factors that distract from your striking presence. 

Dry shampoos are miraculous at giving volume and lifting the hair from the roots. It’s an uber chic look by miles. And just in case you need some lift, backcombing strategies work like magic. 

While experimenting is great, you can’t go overboard. Learn to shy away from styles that cover your face. After all, you’re trying to get noticed and not the opposite. 

Lighting is the key and professionals understand how it works

Professional hair and makeup artists aren’t only masters of their craft. Yes, they know exactly how photography works. And that means giving you fabulous lighting for incredible shots. 

With the right type of lighting, the images are in a world of their own. In short, you’ll give business headshots that make your best features stand out. In the end, it’s a win-win situation that adds to your process.

Makeup at home and makeup in the professional world -understanding the difference

While you might call yourself as a makeup guru for all your casual and everyday looks, it’s not the same thing for business headshots. 

Yes, there’s a subtle yet noticeable difference between makeup applications. Most importantly, you simply wouldn’t wear the same kind of makeup for a night out in the town as you would for a job interview. 

For business headshots, professionals aim for a more natural appeal. You can think along the lines of soft hues and complementing tones. Professional stylists ensure the sole focus revolves around keeping the attention span on you.

Professional hair stylists know exactly what they’re doing

Are you tired of taming those fly-away hairs? If that’s the case, worry no more. Expert hair stylists have all the tips and tricks in the bag for nailing the ultimate professional look. With expert recommended products and styling techniques, you no longer have to spend time off camera, worrying about frizz, baby hair or messy tangles. 

At the end of the day, your focus should be on nailing your expressions. And that means zero time for wasting energy upon little setbacks like these. Keep your energy flow in one direction with no interruptions. It’s as simple as that. 

Styling details are a form of art- leave it to the professionals 

Who better to trust for little styling details than the professionals themselves? Believe it or not, getting a styling team on board for your business headshots just might be your best decision. 

As the experts say, investing in a one-time affair will definitely ensure your path to headshot success. And we’re not only talking about the hair and makeup aspects. It’s about the entire look as a whole. 

These experts keep an eye out towards piecing several components together. Whether it’s tucked collars central buttoning- they want you appearing like your absolute best. 

Save up on time and gain instant images in seconds

The post production phase is definitely the longest and most daunting one as far as image processing is concerned. And there’s no better news than trying to save up on some major time. 

So, what’s the solution? Well, it’s actually quite simple. Getting the best headshots means nailing the look and achieving instant image results with little downtime waiting. 

When planning for your next business headshot, you always have two choices. Either you can style up your own look or simply work by professionals. Whatever decision you make, remember that your business headshot needs to set you and your brand apart from all others. 

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