What to wear for a Business Headshot –Know it From Headshot Master Create the Best First Impression with These Exclusive Tips

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Your Headshots are key to your business profile. Here are Best tips on what to wear for business headshots to project the professional image you want.

What to wear for Business/Corporate Headshots

In case you happen to be working in a corporate environment, then it’s important to wear the right type of clothes. Numerous organizations have certain specifications or dress codes to meet. This is usually on the conservative side. The clothing you wear in your headshot should be similar to the type of clothing you would wear to work every day.

A general tip for both genders to remember is wearing long sleeves. The goal here is to avoid displaying anything distracting such as bare skin. Many people may also term excessive display of skin as inappropriate in a corporate headshot.

For Men:

It’s advisable to wear clothing that depicts a professional attitude. Suit jackets and a collared dress shirt are great examples. In case you want to add a personal style statement to your photo, you can opt for a tie over your dress shirt or a v-neck sweater.

For Women:

Women are preferred to wear clothing that is modest. It isn’t a great idea to reveal too much skin. Clothing that shows you’re serious about your career is the way to go. This can include a nice collared shirt or blouse. You can pair that up with a skirt, suit coat or well tailored dress pants. Jewelry can be added for a nice accent to your outfit.

What to wear for Actor Headshots

When it comes to actor headshots, always consider clothing that you would wear to an audition. The type of image you portray should be of a natural person and not a character.

For Men:

Good clothing options to choose from include solid colored sweaters and shirts. Long sleeves and collars are classics to go for. Crew neck shirts and bold distracting patterns tend to be unflattering and distracting.

For Women:

Colors that complement your skin tone are a great option to work with. Avoid all forms of clothing that bare skin. This includes a short sleeved blouse, shirt and tank top. Exclude low cut tops as they make it difficult to crop a close up.

What to wear for Model Headshots

When entering a model headshot session, there are several guidelines to keep in mind. Firstly, your face is your canvas in a headshot. Secondly, your aim is to sell yourself and not the clothing you’re wearing. Last but not least, every bit of clothing worn must fit accurately. That’s the only way you can display a realistic image of yourself.

For Men:

Warm earthy tones are the best. Stay away from anything that seems too formal. In case you plan to wear a collared shirt, add a little fun by leaving the top button open. Crew neck and V-neck shirts are best to avoid as they tend to appear unflattering in a headshot.

For Women:

Shirts with texture and solid hues appear great in a model headshot. Long dresses, floral prints, fur and shoulder less tops are best to steer clear of. Makeup and jewelry can be kept to a bare minimum.

What to wear for Realtor/LinkedIn Profile Headshot

The secret to creating a memorable realtor headshot is to appear confident, easygoing and trustworthy. Your attire should not distract the viewer from your face. After all, it’s your face that you want people to remember.

For Men and Women:

When it comes to hues, blacks and flesh tones can be minimized as they emit a flat appearance. Solid colors appear attractive on screen. If possible, avoid stripes, plaids and dots as they tend to look confusing.

Choosing a classy style statement that contrasts with your skin tone is a direction worth aiming for. Modesty is also important as bare skin doesn’t suit realtor portraits.

You can consider wearing colors that are similar to your company’s colors. This helps your target market associate you with your agency’s brand.

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